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The Cauldron…….  

Sounds kind of magical and mysterious, right? 


Well it is. 


The Cauldron is the alchemical melting pot of all things Zapheria.


A woman who is aware that she is powerful and yet maybe not quite sure how to connect to that power? 


Are you a woman who is aware that she's Magic? Who is maybe even too scared to admit to anybody else that she is magic?


A woman looking for like-minded women to connect with.


The Cauldron is a place for women who want more.


A place for women who know that there is more to life. 


For Women ready to connect to their own innate Power. To connect to their own Womb Mysteries. To connect to their own bodies more and to connect more deeply with others. 


A place to connect to your own Souls calling. 


Are you ready to dive all the way in to and open up your gifts? Claim who you truly are?

Walk your Souls true path?


Then The Cauldron is for you! 

If you’re a Woman who feels what’s right and acts then sign up now and join us. 

Want to know more? 
What happens inside The Cauldon?
You get INSTANT access to The Womb Portal and all the content in The Cauldon as soon as you sign up! 
In your own time you can access the on demand videos, meditations, audios, rituals and exercises added in here WEEKLY! No having to be on time for a call or search for replays. It’s all laid out for you to enjoy anytime.  
Can’t find what you’re looking for in there? You get to ASK for what you want!  

What topics can you expect?

Womb clearing 

Womb Mysteries

Activating your Womb 

Connecting to your own body 

Awakening your sensuality and sexuality 

Emotional clearing 



Shamanic practices 

Awakening and owning your power 

Conscious conception 

Blue Diamond Soul transmissions 

Inner Masculine & Feminine practices

Facebook page support 

Facebook page support to connect with all the Women in The Cauldron plus Zapheria and many of her apprentices too.  

  • Share your journey
  • Ask questions 
  • and Connect

Monthly Group clearing sessions

Join Zapheria on Zoom once a month for a group clearing session

Access to 1:1 sessions with Zapheria

Usually reserved for Apprentices only, Zapheria is opening up 1:1 sessions to The Cauldon members. 

Not only are you getting lots of juicy content in the form of videos, lots of audios and meditations, group live calls with me, getting to ask me questions... you also get transmissions from the blue diamond souls, you get lots and lots of my older content as well as everything that's brand new and fresh up to the minute created purely for this group. If you've been following me for a while and been wanting to get a hand on everything that I'm offering, then this is the place to come.

Come and join us!

Still want to know more?

Who is Zapheria? Why should you journey with her?

From a young age Zapheria was interested in the world of energy and Magick, often experiencing channeling and mediumship that was confusing to her and was shut down for a number of years. In the last 7 years she has stepped into her true gifts and no longer hides from the world.

On a personal and collective level Zapheria is connecting us back to the sacredness of the Womb. So personally we can release past wounds, traumas, patterning and lineage wounds and as a collective we can raise the vibration of the Collective Womb to a level that welcomes the Diamond Souls to birth into the world at this Imperative time.

A Director of The Spiral Institute, Co-creator of Womb Spiral and Mentor to leaders, Zapheria could chose to go by many titles - however she connects more deeply to the weaving of realities across dimensions of time and space to create a container that brings you back to your true self. From this place you can choose to let go of the constructs of a Title and instead feel what she transmits.

At the core of all of her offerings is the ability to free Humans from the pain and suffering of the past and point them in the direction of their Soul’s true calling.


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