The next generation are here to change everything.

A must read for anyone interested in the future of humanity. 

The next generation are upon us and the Blue Diamond Souls are here to raise our consciousness and take us out of a fear based society and into one of love and support.

The book is a co-creation of channelled words from the Blue Diamond Souls and Zapheria Bell’s personal experience.

  • The Blue Diamond Souls and why they are here
  • How they wish to be conceived and birthed
  • How to best support them, both as parents and anyone else who has these children in their lives
  • How do we raise the consciousness of humanity as we know it and what will happen if we don’t
  • How and why to activate the personal and the collective womb

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Zapheria Bell is both magical and refreshingly human. She is deeply dedicated to her path and with that dedication she brings you The Blue Diamond Souls – Calling in the next generation.


In her own words ‘My purpose in the world is to raise the consciousness of humanity. Everything that I do is with that in mind’.


Coming from a corporate background she ran several successful businesses in Sydney, Australia until one day she had a health scare that changed the course of her life.


Zapheria is now a director and head trainer of The Spiral Institute, co-creator of Womb Spiral and leader of the Womb Weavers Collective. An ever growing group of empowered women, who aim to activate wombs, bring back sacred temples and land a new generation of souls in the world.


Zapheria is, among many things, a medium and a voice for the blue diamond souls.

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